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Going to College With No Help From Your Parents

The most common financial issue for students who are attending college is that their parents simply do not make enough money to pay for it. Especially in these tough economic times, more kids are dependent upon taking out loans to pay for some, if not all, of their education. Luckily, we live in a country that understands the needs of these students, and offers assistance in the form of grants and scholarships. But there is a different type of student, that has true hardships to overcome. These students are in a small minority who have the misfortune of feuding with their parents to the point that their parents refuse to pay for their college. The catch is; these student's parents make far too much money for them to receive any significant Government Aid.grads_in_line
FASFA, in order to avoid assistance fraud, has strict regulations for who is able to apply for independent status. Basically, you must either be 24, married, emancipated or homeless. While need-based students are helped, feuding students with wealthy parents are, sadly, shunned. Or otherwise, anyone with half a brain would tell the government their parents are refusing to pay and need assistance. So, what options are there for these students? Well, due to the particular circumstances, they are handicapped. But this might be a blessing in disguise. One option is to not attend college and become an entrepreneur. This is completely against the grain, but an option never the less. In this scenario, you could even attend college to simply learn the skills you wish to learn to help your business grow, far limiting the cost of attendance.
Another option is moving to a state that has a more favorable tuition system. States like Florida and California offer very favorable school tuition fees compared to the rest of the country. This would require you to live and work in the state for a year before you are able to receive the benefits of a state resident, but in the long run, it could pay huge dividends. Community college for California residents is so cheap it might as well be free (around 15-20 dollars per semester hour).
The last option is to sue your parents for emancipation so you can receive federal aid. This is probably the least favorable option due to the rigid guidelines, paperwork, and money that is involved for the trial. It could take anywhere from 2-3 years for the process to be complete.
The moral of this story? When life gives you lemons, make sweet, delicious lemonade. If you manage to attend college on your own, move states, and use your creativity to make money for college, you will be far ahead of the game in life skills and money sense than the hoard of graduates who had depended upon their parents to pay for their education. And life experience is often priceless.

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