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Ten Ways to Go Green This Spring...

It’s Easy Being Green Simplify your life and help save the environment with these Top 10 Tips!GoGreen_blog
  1. Bank Online Green financial living starts with online banking. Handle all your accounts online 24/7. Once a user, you’re eligible for other great green services. Sign up via our homepage at
  2. Go Paperless
    Ditch paper statements and clutter with e-Statements. Sign up to receive your statement online at Simple, safe, convenient and it saves trees.

  3. Skip the Post Office
    Say goodbye to checks, stamps, envelopes and wasted gas to the post office. Pay your bills on time, every time for FREE from the ease of your computer or phone. Sign up at

  4. Get Off Junk Mail Lists
    Another saving paper and saving trees solution! Reduce the amount of solicitations and catalogs you receive in the mail by registering at Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service ( and You’ll see a significant reduction in mail after three months.

  5. Stop with the Garbage Already
    102 tons is the estimated weight of garbage that the average American will probably throw out in their lifetime. Reduce this number by refusing plastic bags when you shop. (Our garbage is about 12 percent plastic.)

  6. Cut Down on Pollution
    green, save green! If you plan on purchasing or own a new or used gas-efficient vehicle that gets 25 city miles per gallon (MPG) or greater, you’re eligible for our special green auto loan discount.

  7. Stop Running to the Branch
    Sign up for Direct Deposit. When you have recurring checks automatically deposited to your account, it saves you time and gas.

  8. Donate Your Old Cell Phones
    If you’re planning to upgrade, consider giving your current cell phone to a good cause. Cell Phones for Soldiers collects old phones, sells them to a cell phone recycler, and uses the proceeds to purchase calling cards for soldiers stationed far from home. You can search for one of 40,000 donation drop-off locations on their website, or mail phones directly to them.

  9. Shop with Your Debit Card Lose the checkbook and save some trees by shopping with your
    Avadian Visa debit card. Ask us how you can earn money on your debit card purchases.

  10. Shop Green
    Look for home or office electronic products with the Energy Star label when you shop. Many electronics use energy even when they're "off" to power continuous features like clock displays or remote controls. Replacing old items with energy-efficient models can save over 25 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, and save money on your energy bills.

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