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Essential Tools for First-Time Home Buyers

Moving into your first house is a momentous occasion! It’s a time of nervous excitement filled with questions such as, “Am I ready?” and “Is this really the right move?”  and even “What have I gotten myself into?”

Being prepared financially is important, but there are other day–to-day concerns that must be addressed. You might be moving out of your parents’ place for the first time or saying goodbye to apartment living. In both of those cases, you had someone available to handle all of the home maintenance. That task falls to you now!

Hopefully you’ve had some education in keeping up a home, but in order to do that you will need the proper tools. The tools below are essential to holding that house together:

  1. Toolbox – You’re going to need something to hold all of these tools. Pretty self-explanatory.
  2. Hammer– Every tool box in every home since hammers were invented contains a hammer. Even if nothing breaks, you’ll need this to hang up your pictures. Keeping an assortment of nails is a fantastic accompaniment for this useful tool.
  3. Tape Measure – This little guy is essential. You’ll need a tape measure to get the exact dimensions of your furniture. You don’t want to buy a couch that won’t fit through the door. It’s embarrassing. Your neighbors will laugh.
  4. Ladder – Washing windows? Putting up those Christmas lights? This useful tool will give you those extra inches you need to tackle these elevated tasks.
  5. Cordless Drill – How much time to do you spend on Pinterest? If you have any kind of DIY inclinations, a cordless drill is a must. From pallet shelving to hanging curtains, a cordless drill will save you a lot of time and hard work. Make sure to go with a battery-powered drill to avoid being limited by the cord.

There are plenty of other tools that can round out your list, but these five will get you started.

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