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The Price of a Trip to the Movies

Christmas traditions can vary drastically. Some people eat special foods while others have an elf that wanders their house while they sleep. One of the most commonly held Christmas traditions is a trip to the movie theatre. Christmas or not, a movie ticket isn’t cheap. But the ticket is just the beginning. You have to consider the popcorn, the snacks, and you can’t forget the jumbo soda to wash it all down. Add all that up and you’ve got yourself a pricey tradition. Take a look at some of the numbers below to get quick break down of prices. (Amounts based on national average for 2017)































There isn’t much difference in pricing between sizes of drinks and popcorn. Most theatres will give you free refills on a large. If you have a full house for the holidays, you’re going to want to get that large to feed all those hungry mouths. There are few things more tragic than running out of snacks at the theatre.

Candy ranges anywhere from $4 to $5. That may not seem like much, but the same size candy is going to cost you about $1.50 at the gas station.

Most of us are lucky enough to have leftovers to feed us for days after the holiday season. If you were one of the unlucky few who didn’t get to eat, you may want to grab a bite at the theatre. Many theatres offer a variety of options including pizza and nachos. But they aren’t cheap, either



Chicken Tenders


Hot Dog





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Taking the average cost of each item, including just one snack, a trip to the movies to see a regular showing for just one person is going to end up costing $26. That’s for a medium drink and popcorn. It will cost over $100 to take your family of 4. It might be time to consider changing that family trip to the cinema to a movie viewing in the comfort of your own home.

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