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Safeguard Your Information

It may come as a surprise to many, but in today’s age, there is more security with a mobile device than a desktop computer. However cyber security experts don’t want us to be fooled into thinking this will last. It’s just a matter of time before fraudsters divert their resources and attention to mobile banking. Until then, the major safety issue is us – the end users of mobile banking.phonelock1

The Top 5 Mobile Banking Mistakes Made by Users

  1. Using passwords that are just too easy to guess. Your password should always have a mix of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and characters/symbols.
  2. Re-using widely used passwords. It’s easy to want to just stick with a few passwords for memorization purposes, but it can be dangerous. Always come up with new ones and change them often.
  3. Not re-setting phones to original factory settings when discarding or selling. It’s simple to delete your information. Think about the info on your phone and what your phone has access to.
  4. Downloading apps from unverified sources. Use only approved apps from major download locations.
  5. Clicking on unknown links in an email. It’s hard to see URL addresses on a mobile phone, so many are quick to just click a link in an email. If you wouldn’t click on your desktop, then don’t click it on your phone.

Mobile banking security is strong. Educated users can keep it that way!

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